Evening skincare routine

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

Today I thought I'd start with something simple whilst I get to grips with blogging, so I've got my evening skin care routine. Now I will admit I am quite lazy when it comes to cleaning my face, especially after a long day it's the last thing I feel like doing. But from time to time I get back myself back into a proper routine, and I seem to reach for the same few products each time.

Firstly I start off wiping the majority of my makeup off with a baby wipe or face wipe - whichever I have at the time. I find this is the quickest and most efficient way of removing the bulk of my makeup.

I then use the biore charcoal cleanser with either a cleansing brush or a bamboo cloth. This product actually gives you that clean skin feeling and leaves it tingling.

After this I like to use a gentle exfoliator to really get the dirt out of my pores. At the moment I'm using the forever aloe scrub. This stuff smells amazing and doesn't feel too rough on the skin.

Once a week I like to give my skin abit of a pampering and I've been using an old favourite of mine from years ago - the cupcake fresh face mask from lush. This smells just like chocolate and reminds me of my school days when it was all the range to have one of these masks. It works really well to soften the skin and help calm down any angry-looking blemishes.

On these pamper days I also like to use a pore strip on my nose. You'd be surprised how satisfying it is when you peel it off and see what the strip has pulled away from your skin. At the moment I'm using the Newtons lab T-Zone skincare strips, but I have to say my favourite is the biore range as although they are a fair bit more expensive, I find they stick better and pull out more dirt from your pores.

After cleansing I use the LancĂ´me clarifying toner to close up my pores before going to bed which will stop any dirt getting in during the night.

Even with a proper skincare routine, I do unfortunately suffer from spot prone skin. I've never suffered from full blown acne, but I do seem to always have at least one red spot at any one time, and I've tried many things over the years to help reduce this. However recently I have been using two products side by side and I feel my skin has definitely improved in terms spots. The first product I instantly fell in love with it. It is the Clinique anti-blemish solution and it is incredible. When you first put it on it does sting a little bit, abit like a minty feeling, but I always think of this as a sign of something happening. The second product is a recent discovery and it is the clearasil blemish+marks treatment cream. This stuff is so good for calming down redness and I would definitely say has helped reduce scarring from spots.
The last stage of my routine is using a moisturiser or a night cream. I've been using the Superdrug vitamin E skincare range and I really do love it. It smells so nice and is very moustirising, and doesn't cost a bomb which is always a bonus.

I hope you've enjoyed my first post and reading about my skincare routine. Let me know what products are always in your routine and any tips you have :)

Until next time