Lush halloween and christmas haul

Hi everyone and welcome back. So as soon as I heard my local lush shop had the Halloween and Christmas bits in stock, I just had to go in and take a look. And I went abit crazy.

Firstly lets start with the Halloween bits I picked up. Halloween is by far my favourite holiday so I just had to get some bits. I got the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar which is £3.95. This one I was abit sceptical about as it is VERY glittery! I'm talking extreme glitter fingers when you touch it. However it smells so nice, with lime oil, grapefruit oil and juniperberry oil, and also looks super cute. Sticking with the pumpkin theme I got the pumpkin bath bomb which again is £3.95 and contains vanilla and Pimento Berry oil. This smells so so good and I cant wait to use it.
Another Halloween item I got was the Boo bath melt which was £3.50. This little guy is so cute! it smells of vanilla and cocoa butter, very much like butterbear and butterball, and feels so soft.

Now onto the Christmas bits that I picked up. I firstly got the peeping santa bubble bar for £3.95. this one smells like a fruity shea butter and is again very cute! I cant wait to use him. I also got the Star Dust bath bomb for £2.95. This one is scented of vanilla and rosewood and I have a feeling I'm young to really like it. Now I'm the type of person that really loves the smell of cinnamon, especially around Christmas time, so I had to pick up the magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar for £5.95. This smells incredible! It has cinnamon, almond and orange oil in it and is the prettiest product I've seen this year.

A Christmas lush trip wouldn't be complete without buying a snow fairy shower gel! I only got the small bottle as it is a bit pricey but I couldn't not get it as its my absolute favourite.

I hope you've enjoyed this haul, let me know what you've picked up from the Halloween and Christmas range and what you'd recommend.

Until next time