Sally inspired makeup look

Hi guys and welcome back. Today I have another quick Halloween look for you - Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas! This is one of my all time favourite films so I just had to do this look. Hope you like it!

So first I started with a normal base of foundation, concealer, bronzer, blusher and highlight. I didn't go crazy on the bronzer and blusher as Sally is supposed to be a dead rag doll type girl so I didn't want to look too 'alive'.

I then used the bright blue shade from the revolution salvation eyeshadow palette and put this all over my lid. I then blended this out so it didn't look so harsh. I then used a black eyeliner pencil and drew big eyelashes from my lashline up to my eyebrow. I then drew a line going through my eye, with small lines going across it to look like stitches. I did this again coming from both corners of my mouth again giving the idea of stitches. To finish the look I used the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this really simple look inspired by Sally.

Until next time.