My facemask collection and reviews

Hey guys and welcome back. Today I thought I'd share with you my facemask collection and let you know what I think of them.

First up I've got the Lush Cupcake facemask. This is one of my all time favourite facemasks and I always repurchase it! It smells incredible and leaves the skin feeling really soft, and feels like it's drawn all the excess oil out of the skin. Its also Vegan and lush are know for being against and fighting animal testing which is amazing.

The next one is the Primark Love To Glow facemask. This one is really nice and smells like a fruity muddy mask. It's exfoliating as it has small grains in it but isn't too rough on the skin, and only cost a few pounds which is great. Although I do love this mask, I'm not sure I would repurchase it as there are many more facemasks I like more, but I would definitely recommend it to try.

I've got 2 masks from the Quick Fix facials range from boots. The first one is the purifying charcoal mask for congested and lifeless skin. This is definitely a favourite of mine as I think it definitely helps clear my skin on those days where I have a lot of breakouts. It smells very much of charcoal and cinnamon, sounds weird but it's really nice! I would definitely recommend this one. The next one from this range is the Anti-Blemish Mud mask for oily and spot prone skin. This one is really good and definitely seems to take the excess oil out of my skin, however it does leave a red patch where it has been on the skin that lasts for a couple of hours. This might just be how it reacts with my skin so I would recommend trying it for yourself as it might work better on different skin to mine.

The last 2 I have are some random individual ones which I like to get from time to time just to mix it up. I currently have the passion peel off one and the white chocolate mask. I've tried these 2 before and I really like them, and I would say packets last for 2 masks which is good as they are only normally 99p each, and there are loads of different flavours. My favourite one in the range is the chocolate and orange self heating mask.

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into my facemask collection, let me know if there are any you recommend trying.

Until next time.