My top 5 favourite lipsticks

Hi everybody and welcome back. I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite lipsticks, so lets get started.

In no particular order, the first one is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107. This is a lovely autumnal deep red but isn't too dark. I love the formula of these lipsticks as they are not drying but dry quite matte and last for ages. This brings me onto my next favourite, which is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 45. This is a lovely pinky nude shade, and the formulation is a bit different to the red as it is a bit more glossy but in no way sticky. Again it lasts a long time on the lips but is easy to get off if needed.

Another favourite of mine is the NYX soft lip cream in the shade London. This is such a lovely matte liquid lipstick in the perfect browny nude. This is my current every day lipstick as it is so wearable and subtle. The formulation is lovely as well, it goes on so smoothly and dries matte but not drying and cracky. On the theme of liquid lipsticks I also love the Matte Me liquid lipstick by Sleek in the shade 'shabby chic'. Again this goes on very nicely, however it does become a lot more dry than the NXY one. Also it tends to rub off in the centre of the lips when it gets wet and it is difficult to add another coat without it crumbling after a while. Having said this, on the whole it has major staying power and is quite difficult to get off. I do however love this lipstick, especially the colour.

My last  favourite lipstick is the Essence lipstick in the shade 06. This is a gorgeous purply browny nude colour and has a lovely formulation - not drying, not sticky, as Goldilocks says - just right! This again is an every day shade that I just keep coming back to.

From left to right: Essence 06, Kate Moss 45, Kate Moss 107, NXY London, Sleek shabby chic.

I hope you've enjoyed this short post sharing my favourite lipsticks, let me know what yours are and any you recommend!

Until next time.