Current favourites

Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog. I've been discovering a lot of new products lately so I thought I'd share with you what products I'm loving at the moment. Lets get straight into it.

First up is the YesTo Tomatoes moisturiser. I love this moisturiser as its not really heavy or thick, it instantly sinks into the skin and isn't really sticky or greasy. I normally use it before putting my makeup on as a primer and then again in the evening after cleansing. It's meant to be good at helping with blemishes which I think has worked a little bit, although I haven't noticed a major difference.

Next up is my new Ariana Grande perfume which I have been wearing non-stop for the last few weeks. It's such a gorgeous scent - a really sweet smell but not too overpowering which is good. It's in the cutest bottle too which is always a plus. I'm also loving these eyelure lashes. They're the enchanted after dark lashes which were limited edition for Halloween. I've worn them 3 times already and they are still in great condition, and I love them mostly because they're not massive so don't look stupid, but aren't too small that they don't look any different to your normal lashes.

At the moment I'm loving the strobe cream by Freedom in Superdrug. I use it every day under my foundation as a glowy primer and I definitely think it helps keep my makeup looking nice, as well as giving my skin a nice glow. It also makes my skin feel really soft and smells really nice, and doesn't break the bank. Another favourite of mine is actually one that I've rediscovered, which is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I used to use it every day until I ran out and never got round to getting a new one, but I recently did and I've gone back to loving it and using it every day. It just leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh afterwards without making my skin go dry or oily. I definitely recommend this if you're looking for a new cleanser. 

One thing that has been a favourite for me for a while is the Naked3 palette. I use this every single day and I love it. It has the perfect purply shades for my skin tone and eye colour, and they are so blendable and just overall I cant fault it. I also recently discovered the Benefit They're Real mascara and I think it's incredible! It makes my lashes look so full and long and doesn't go really clumpy. The only thing I will say is it is a bugger to get off! But overall I would definitely recommend it if you want a mascara that stays on all day and doesn't melt off.

At the moment I have been using a body butter from M&S in the scent orange and ginger. This body butter is so so nice! It's a really thick butter so if you don't like the feeling of a thick cream on your skin then you wouldn't like it, but I think its amazing. Having said this it does sink into the skin quite quickly so it doesn't feel thick for too long. It makes my skin so soft, and I use it about 2 or 3 times a week normally before I fake tan which helps the tan go on without being patchy and crumbling off. It's also against animal testing which is always a plus. I'm also loving The Body Shop's peppermint intensive foot rescue cream. I seem to get dry bottoms of my feet quite a lot, especially in the summer when I'm on my feet all day, and after leaving this on overnight I wake up with such smooth feet! It's incredible and honestly works wonders.

As well as the naked palette, I recently have been loving using these two eyeshadows as we get closer to Christmas. They are the MUA eyeshadow in the shade bronze, and the Barry M eyeshadow in number 3, which I think are both gorgeous colours for this time of year. They are both quite subtle colours so are perfect paired with a bright red lip, but can also be built up for a bolder look and a nude lip. I use the Barry M one on my lid and then the MUA one in the crease, and I just think paired together they're the perfect combination.

I have two last beauty bits that I'm loving. The first thing is this CoCo LoCo mousse by Lee Stafford. This is a very new favourite and I have only used it a handful of times, but so far I am loving it! It gives my hair more volume which is great because I have very flat hair normally, and it smells so good! Throughout the day I get wafts of coconut which is brilliant. I also love these YesTo grapefruit correct and repair wipes for rejuvenating skin. These are so lovely to use especially in the mornings as I really feel like they wake up my skin ready for the day, and I definitely will be buying these again.

I have one random favourite at the moment. I'm absolutely loving this gingerbread candle by Wickford and co. This smells INCREDIBLE! It fills my whole flat with the smell of gingerbread, and in my opinion is better than more expensive brands like Yankee. It's only £2.99! For this MASSIVE jar that would last a month when I use it every day. Very impressed with this one.

My last favourite at the moment isn't a product but it's curling my hair. I never used to like doing it as my hair never seemed to hold curls and it would just too long to do and too much effort. But recently I've been using the BaBylissPro curling wand and the curls hold for so much longer! Now that I've got the hang of it, it takes much less time and effort to do so I've been having curly hair probably 3 times a week and I'm really liking it.

And that's all my current favourites! Let me know what some of your favourite things are at the moment.

Until next time.