The 30 Disney questions tag

Hey guys! I've decided to do something a bit different today just to mix things up a bit. After reading Life With Ktkinnes post last week ( I thought I would do the 30 Disney questions tag. So here is it!

1. Favourite Character – I would probably say Simba or Belle are my faves.

2. Favourite Princess – It's definitely Belle. I don't know why but she's always been my favourite.

3. Favorite Heroine – Mulan for sure.

4. Favoruite Prince – This was a tricky one because, apart from Aladin and the Adam, you don't really get to know the princes as much as the princesses in most of the films. But my favourite would probably be Adam (the beast) or Simba (he's technically a prince).

5. Favourite HeroI guess Tarzan? what classes as a hero?

6. Favourite Animal – Kovu from The Lion King 2, he's so cute and has such a nice voice.

7. Favourite Sidekick – This is such an easy one! It's got to be Timone and Pumba! (They have to come as a pair).

8. Favourite Villain – I absolutely love Maleficent, in both the animated Sleeping beauty and the live action film.

9. Favorite Original Character – I'm classing Snow White as original as it was the first film to be made, in which case my favourite original character is Grumpy.

10. Favourite Love Song – Love will find a way from The Lion King 2.

11. Favourite Song – Tale as old as time from Beauty and the Beast - such a classic.

12. Favourite Villain Song – I love Kovu's lullaby from The Lion King 2.

13. Least Favourite Song – Absolutely HATE little April shower from Bambi and pink elephants from Dumbo.

14. Favourite Kiss –  Either Tarzan and Jane or Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti.

15. The First Movie You Saw – I was way too young and too long ago for me to remember that now!

16. Favourite Classic – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head – Make a man out of you from Mulan or Son of man from Tarzan.

18. Favorite Pixar Film – Either Monsters Inc. or Ratatouille, both are brilliant.

19. Least Favorite Pixar Film –I haven't seen many of the Pixar films - I still haven't seen Finding Dory - but my least favourite is The Incredible's or Cars.

20. Favorite Sequel – The Lion king 2 or The Little Mermaid 2 are both brilliant sequels.

21. Overrated Movie – Frozen - as much as I love it I think it was hyped up way too much.

22. Underrated Movie – The Lion King 2 - a lot of people still don't know it exists.

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh – Either Hercules because Hades is just SO sassy, or Mulan
because of Mushu.

24. Movie That Makes You Cry – The Fox and the Hound gets me every time.

25. The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie – Definitely Mufasa's death scene.

26. Saddest Death – Mufasa in The Lion King.

27. Favourite Quote – “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn
from it.” from The Lion King. I love "Because it soothes my inner kitty and it helps me get some rest" from The Lion King 2, and "But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew, you never knew" from Pocahontas.

28. Favourite Theme Park – I've only been to Disneyland Paris so it would have to be that one.

29. Favorite Theme Attraction – I don't actually remember any from when I went, is that bad? I was quite young at the time.

30. Favorite Theme Park Show – Does the Disney Parade count? If so, that's the only one I remember.

I hope you've enjoyed this little post! I tag my best friend Kelly ( and all my other readers to do their Disney tag! Leave me some links to them in the comments, I look forward to reading them. Also don't forget to hit follow to keep updated and to help me achieve my monthly goal!

Until next time.