My fake tanning routine

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. I'm a big fan of fake tanning as some of you may know, so I thought I'd share with you today my tanning routine and some tips I have a long the way.

I normally tan about twice a week using the St. Moriz develop tan in the mousse formula. I've tried the lotion and the spray before but I've found they are difficult to rub in and they go streaky. With the mousse it's very difficult to get tan lines and streaks if you rub it in properly. It's so easy to use because it rubs in well and the product doesn't drip or spray anywhere and make a mess. I use the medium shade as light wouldn't give me any colour, and dark would make me way too brown bordering on the orange side. I use the Primark tanning mitt as I find this is just as good as the tanning brand mitts.

Firstly I exfoliate to get rid of any dry skin and previous tan. Some of the scrubs I use are the Wilko's scrub which is quite gentle, and the sanctuary spa scrub which is a bit more rough. If I need to scrub off old tan I use these shower mitts from new look which work really well. I then moisturise my skin using the M&S lemon body butter. I wait for this to soak in completely before applying the tan. As the tan I use is a develop one, I leave it on overnight and wash off the guide colour the next morning, and it ends up being really even and streak free. I then moisturise and I'm ready to go!

***One tip for reaching your back - if there's no one to do it for you - is to put the mitt on the fat end of a hairbrush and attach it with a hairband. This makes it so easy to rub tan into your back without having to stretch in uncomfortable positions.***

This is pretty much all I do in relation to tanning, and like I said earlier I do this normally twice a week to keep it topped up. Let me know if you have any tanning tips and what your favourite products are to use, and I'll be back soon with a new post.

Until next time.