Product Review: Lee Stafford styling products

Hello everyone! As promised, here's part 2 of my Lee Stafford product review, focussing on styling products. If you haven't already, go and check out my Lee Stafford hair styling products review ( Some of the products I love and some of them I'm not so keen on, mostly because they're products I don't usually use to style my hair with.

First up is the CoCo LoCo mousse "for big, bouncy hair that feels naturally cushioned not crunchy, and leaves hair smelling deliciously coconutty." Now I've tried the hair mask in this CoCo LoCo range and I fell in love with it, so I was very excited to try this product out. First off it smells amazing, throughout the day I still get wafts of coconut which is really good. In terms of volume, I deffinitly think this adds abit of extra volume but I wouldn't say I saw a dramatic difference. As I have quite flat and fine hair anyway, any extra volume is a bonus so to me it's worth using. I have found however if you don't rub it into your roots enough it does go a little bit crunchy, but that brushes out easily so that's not a problem. Overall I really like this product and I would
definitely but it again when I run out.

I've been trying out the dry shampoo in the range and I do really like it. Its quite a light dry shampoo as opposed to the Batiste ones, which I actually prefer, however the Lee Stafford one is great if your hair isn't really greasy and more second day hair. I've found it doesn't work great for me for 3rd or even 4th day hair (when I'm feeling really lazy or in a hurry) but if you wash your hair more often than that then this one would be good for you.

When trying out the Argan oil anti-frizz serum spray I was a bit sceptical. First off I'll just point out I don't really have frizzy hair, so my opinion on this is based on that fact as I won' be able to see the actual effects. It sprays out a bit like a body spray which I thought was a bit weird - I was expecting a normal 'mist' sprayer if you know what I mean. It also smells quite masculine, a bit like a boy's deodorant scent which isn't really the smell I'm looking to carry round with me all day. It didn't really do much for my hair, but like I said before, I don't have frizzy hair in the first place.

I have been using the Arganoil miracle heat defence spray for a while now and I really like it. It says it's a "heat protective care for the smoothest, silkiest, healthiest hair yet"." I'm not sure I can really tell a difference between this Argan oil one and just a normal heat defence spray, and it's not a lot different to other brands that I've tried, but it's not very expensive and seems to do the job so I would recommend it, and I'll be buying it again when it runs out.

In terms of hairspray, I really like this one. I wouldn't say it was maximum hold, but it still seems to do the job for a few hours if you don't need much hold. It doesn't go crunchy or hard unless you spray it really close to the hair, it brushes out easily and overall I just really like it.

For the half hairspray-half dry shampoo product, I really didn't like this. The first time I used it, it went really hard and sticky in my hair and I thought it was jus because I had sprayed it too close. But after using it again it did the exact same thing, and didn't give the dry shampoo function at all. It just felt so horrible in my hair and made my hair look like I had so much product in it. I wouldn't recommend this at all, I just don't see the purpose in it if I'm honest and for me it just didn't work.

The Root Boost mousse I found goes quite crunchy, but this did brush out after a while. I don't think it gave my hair much more volume if I'm honest, and I much prefer the coconut one mentioned above. It might work better for some of you because I have quite flat hair anyway no matter what products it try to use, but personally I wouldn't recommend it.

For the original heat protection spray, I quite like this product. For me it's just as good as other brands of heat protection spray, nothing special, but it smells really nice and I think it does give my hair some protection so overall I'd recommend this.

I hope this post has helped you if you were looking for some Lee Stafford products to try. I'll be back soon with part 2 of this post, which will be a Lee Stafford product review for 'in-shower' products, so keep your eyes peeled for that. As always make sure to hit follow to help me reach my goal!

Until next time.