My lip product collection

Hey everyone and welcome back. Today I thought I'd share with you my entire lip product collection. I wouldn't say I have a massive amount of products, but I know I definitely have way more then I need! But doesn't everyone?

In terms of balms, I currently have 3 that have all been on the go for a while, so I should probably replace them soon. I'm not a huge user of lip balms, I never feel the need to put them on and I always forget I have them so they kind of just sit in a drawer waiting to be used. I've got the Vaseline cocoa butter balm, The Body Shop frosted plum balm and the Reese's balm which smells (and tastes) amazing. I also have the Lipcote lipstick sealer which is really good for keeping your lipstick on all day.

For lip liners, I will admit I never normally use them. I only own 2 lip liners which are the Primark black one that I only use for Halloween, and the Barry M liner in a dark pinky nude shade which I use occasionally. Normally I'm in quite a rush to leave in the mornings so I normally just stick on a lipstick and go without taking the time to line my lips. I have a Primark lip crayon in the shade wine and I actually bought a few other colours, but I found they went really patchy and horrible on my lips and this one did that the least so I kept it. I don't wear it very often as I do find it is a bit patchy and dry looking, but it was only about £1 so I didn't expect much else.

I've been obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks - as I'm sure a lot of you have - and I've got quite a few in my collection. You may notice a slight theme with the colour of these, I always tend to go for the same type of nude, but I think this colour suits me the best. I have a few of the NYX soft matte lip creams in various nude shades. I have one in Stockholm, 2 of the London shade which is my favourite and one in Cannes. I did really like these lip creams because they don't go really dry on the lips but still look matte, but because they're not very dry, I find they don't last every long on the lips and go a bit crumply, and I have to keep applying them every couple of hours, and they disappear after I eat anything. They also don't last very long in the tube and I find I have to keep buying new ones every month which is a bit annoying.

A new discovery of mine is the NYX cosmic metals lip cream in the shade speed of light. I really rally like this, its the most incredible colour and it feels so nice on the lips. I also have a Sleek matte me liquid lipstick in the shade shabby chic which is my favourite matte liquid lipstick. It dries really matte and has incredible lasting power, it literally stays on all day. I have 2 NYX liquid suede  liquid lipsticks in the shades soft spoken and cherry skies. I really like these as, like the Sleek one, they are really long lasting. However they do feel abit sticky throughout the day rather than going completely dry, and they do crumble slightly if you put too much on. The last liquid lipstick I have is the Maybelline colour drama lip paint in the shade stripped down. This one isn't matte, it's more thick gloss feeling but it has a really nice feel and really nice colour, and stays on for ages so I would recommend that one.


I don't have many products in terms of gloss, but one of my favourites and my pride and joy is the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss in the shade seduction. It's a gorgeous nude shade in a beautiful rose gold and clear tube, and I absolutely love it! I have an Essence liquid lipstick in the shade make a statement, which is more of a coloured gloss than liquid lipstick as it doesn't set and stays glossy. This is really nice although it can be quite sticky so I never wear it on a windy day! I love the Soap&Glory Pillow Plump XXL in the shade nude in town. I think it actually does plump up my lips, but the tingling sensation is so weird!

I have 2 Barry M lip-gloss', a normal one in the shade 2 and a supershiny one in the shade 402 which smells like coconut. Shade 2 is very wearable, and is really nice over a nude lipstick. However I find the supershiny one difficult to wear as sometimes it can make me look like a child going to a school disco or something like that! Haha.

Finally onto lipsticks! I have quite a few, a lot of similar shades and from a few brands. I have an Avon lipstick in the shade twig which is a really nice browny purply nude shade. The formula of this is really nice and doesn't go really dry and isn't really sticky either.  I have 2 Barry M lipsticks, one in shade 151 which is a nice orangy red, and one in the shade 169 which is again a nice purply nude. Again these are a really nice formula that feel really moisturising and long lasting.

I have a Rimmel 'the only 1' lipstick in the shade 800 under my spell, which is a dark purple shade. I do like this lipstick however it doesn't last for long on the lips and tends to go patchy as it wears off. One of my favourite lipsticks is the L'oreal lipstick in Eva's nude. This is the perfect lipstick for me - it's moisturising and lasts ages on the lips, and is the perfect nude!

I have 2 Essence lipsticks in the shade 06 barely there and 07 natural beauty. Again, the formula of these are amazing and they are definitely one of my favourite lipsticks. I use 06 all the time, and used to wear it every single day so it is very well used! I definitely recommend these if you're after a new every day lipstick.

I have 3 of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in the shades 107, 45 and 20. Once again, these are amazing formulas and beautiful colours. hey last ages on the lips and are not drying or patchy, and I just love them! Lastly I have a Revolution rebel with cause which, like the Rimmel one in the similar shade, can go a bit patchy throughout the day. I always have that trouble with darker colours. Lastly is the Primark black matte lipstick which I used for Halloween. I actually don't like this lipstick as it disappears really quickly on the inner part of my lip, but stays on the outer part and looks really odd! So I wouldn't recommend this one. However it was only £1 so I'm not sure what I expected to be honest.

So that's all the lip products in my collection at the moment. I have bought a few more since writing this post, and you can see what I bought here. Also don't forget to follow my twitter, instagram and bloglovin to stay updated! I'd really appreciate it.

Until next time.