Halloween Lush Haul - colab with TheKellyDianeReport

It wouldn't be October without a Halloween Lush haul, am I right? I may have spent a lot of money recently in Lush when on their Halloween and Christmas range when me and Kelly visited our local store, so I thought it's only right I share with you what I got!

I got the Monster's Ball bath bomb, which I thought was such a cute little fellow I just had to get one. He was £4.50 and smells very citrus-y and fresh, and look how pretty it is in the bath! I definitely want to buy this one again before Halloween as I loved it so much.

I got the Bewitched bubble bar for £4.25. Anyone who knows me will know how much I absolutely adore cats! So when I saw this little one I just had to get it. It smells abit like blackberry and reminds me of the twilight bath bomb which is one of my favourites. I wouldn't say its a pretty product in the bath - it just makes the water go a murky black colour - but it is very bubbly! My bath as literally full of bubbles after using this. I should warn you though it does leave a black scum in your bath after the water has drained away, but it washes away easily so isn't too much of a problem.

I got both the sparkly pumpkin and the pink pumpkin which were £4.25 each, which to be honest was abit much for a tiny little pumpkin. The only problem with these is that the glitter just sticks to you, so you come out the bath extremely sparkly! Which sounds great, but when you have work the next day it's not so great! The orange pumpkin is a mix of being fruity and floral. It's a very pretty scent and not too overpowering. The pink one has geranium and jasmine scents so smells very floral. Again it's not too overpowering and smells really nice.

The last Halloween item I bought was the ectoplasm jelly bath bomb. I've never heard of a jelly bath bomb so I'm very excited and scared to use this. I've seen very mixed reviews about this one so we shall see how it turns out. It was £4.95 which isn't too bad. It smells abit lemony and has grapefruit and tangerine scents, but it's not too strong. I'm excited to try this in the bath soon!

And that's all the Halloween products I've recently bought. Make sure to check out Kelly's post and giver her a cheeky follow, and I'll be back soon with a new post!

Until next time,