Christmas gift guide 2017 - for her!

Hey everyone! I thought it was about time I did my first gift guide of the season, as it is now getting very close to Christmas! This is a gift guide for her and I've picked out a few things I would either love to receive (hint hint), or things I would buy for my friends or family for Christmas.

From TheBodyShop I found some lovely gift sets. They do loads of different fragrances and sizes, so I just picked a few examples to show you.

This is the larger set, which I chose in the coconut fragrance. This one is £20 which is really good for a gift this size. The medium sized gift set is £12 and comes in this really cute little bag. I chose the rose scent which I absolutely love. The smaller gift set I chose in the scent almond milk and honey, which smells amazing. This one is £6 and is great for a friend who you maybe not be as close with or as a stocking filler type present.

Next up is this really cute little kitty money box from Newlook. I think this is such a cute little present, and it's only £8.99.

Again from Newlook are these really adorable bunny slippers. How cute are these! And they're only £10.99 which I think is pretty reasonable.

Sticking with the pjama-ry cosy theme is this gorgeous reindeer onsie! It's £20 from ASDA and I have fallen in love with it! I love the colour and the print and I think it would make a lovely gift for someone.

Next up is a makeup gift. It's a HUGE eyeshadow palette by Revolution at Superdrug. This palette is currently £8 which I think is an absolute bargain! you get over 100 shades which is brilliant, and the quality of the eyeshadows are really good too, so this would be a great gift for any makeup lover.

Another makeup gift is the Vice mini set by Urban Decay. This is £25 from FeelUnique for the set of 4 which I think is really good.
Another thing from FeelUnique is this BubbleT pamper parcel bath set. This is £26 and comes in 2 flavours - mint and lemon, and would be a really cute gift for someone who likes baths and tea as this combines the two!
Another bath themed gift is the Bayliss and Harding 5 bottle gift set. I absolutely love this brand and is a wonderful cheaper alternative if you haven't got much of a budget. They do so many lovely products, but for this gift guide I chose to show this set. It's currently only £5 from Superdrug which is an absolute steal, making it only £1 per bottle included.

Back onto homeware cosy gifts, I really love this little piggy microwave toy. This one is £10.99 from Newlook which is brilliant, and I just think it would make a really cute gift for someone who feels the cold!
This next gift is more for if you're exchanging gifts early and can open them abit before Christmas. It's a gingerbread man making and decorating kit from Newlook. I think this is such a fun gift for someone in the run up to Christmas. It's £12.99.
This last gift is the most expensive one in this guide. It's the Zoella Box from Superdug, which retails at £40. There has been a great uproar about the price and quality of her advent calendar, which I totally agree with, however I think she has got this box spot on. I think this is a brilliant price for the amount of stuff that is in the box.
And those were my picks for this years gift guide for her! This was not sponsored by any of these brands, I just really liked these products and wanted to share them with you all. Also these prices were correct on the day of writing this post, and may not stay this price by the time you are reading this.

Make sure you're following me to stay up to date, and I have a gift guide for him coming up very soon.

Until next time.