Nails of the month - October

Welcome to a new series on the blog - nails of the month! I thought it would be fun to share with you what nail colours and products I've been wearing each month, and this might encourage me to use more of the colours I own - because I have so many I never use!

During the first week of October I wore this really gorgeous purple from the BarryM coconut infusion range. This is one of my go-to nail varnishes, and it's purely for the colour. I really like this colour and I think, because I have fairly short nails, it looks really nice and doesn't make them look too short like a darker colour would.

I then switched it up and wore a different colour, one that I'd never used before. Its in the shade pomegranate which I think describes the colour very well. I did enjoy wearing this colour, although I found it was quite noticeable when it chipped because of the brightness of it.

I then decided to put on some false nails. I always use the Primark nails, as they're only £1 and you cant really go wrong with them. I find they fit my nails nicely and aren't too long and annoying, and they last for ages! Honestly, for £1 the glue is really really good!

And that's my nails of October! Join me in a month to see what I wear in November.

Until next time.