The £20 Primark challenge! Colab with TheKellyDianeReport

Hello everyone! I was recently faced with a challenge from Kelly to see if I could get a whole outfit - including accessories - from Primark for £20! Challenge accepted!

I had a quick look around, and had an idea in mind. However I just couldn't make it within the budget with the shoes I wanted - and it just wouldn't look right with a different style of shoe!

I decided to hit the sale rail and see what I could find. And I hit the jackpot! I came across this dress which was down to a FIVER from £10. It was perfect!

I then picked up some tights for £3, a belt for £3, and the cutest boots down to £6 from £16!

Overall I spent £17 on this outfit so I was well under budget! I could have bought a scarf or something with the remaining money but there weren't any I really liked that weren't patterned, so wouldn't go with the dress.

I really enjoyed this challenge! It just shows how easy it is to get a cute outfit without paying a lot of money, because lets face it £20 isn't much for a whole outfit!

Thankyou Kelly for challenging me! Make sure to check out her blog, Instagram and twitter to see how she did on the challenge!

Until next time.