Life updates - Decluttering, moving out and a bit of a ramble!

It's January. A new year, new me, right?

So far this year has been a bit of a weird one - and we're only half a month in! I applied for a job, in the field I studied in, that I thought I was so perfect for! I made sure my CV and cover letter were singing and I honestly thought I was in with a pretty good shot. I actually never heard back from them, which was really disheartening. But as they say, everything happens for a reason, and it was obviously not meant to be.

I have been attending Slimming World which so far has gone really well! I started in October and have already lost over a stone, and the weight is still coming off each week. I feel so much more confident in myself and can see such a difference in my body and appearance.


I feel like the month of January is the perfect time for a major declutter. I'm talking wardrobe, makeup, everything.

I started with my wardrobe, as this was the area that needed sorting the most. Before Christmas I went through everything in there, and any summer items I didn't wear that year was going. I did this again last week and got rid of any of my autumn/winter clothes that I just didn't find myself reaching for this season (not new pieces, obviously). I have put a lot of the items on my selling page if anyone is interested!

Onto makeup, and it's safe to say I still have a long way to go. I started with my lipstick collection, as I felt this would be the easiest to do, as well as being the most pressing! As with my clothes, I rounded up all of my autumn colours - mostly berry shades, and any that I didn't reach for this season have gone to either family and friends or, if they're really gross, into the bin. I also sorted through my eyelash and nail stash and got rid of any old ones that were past their usage, or any that didn't pair up (there were a few, all of the same eye)!

I have a lot of unopened hair, face and makeup products that I've either gotten free in goodie bags or in Birchbox's that I just know I wont find myself using. These are all going in a box for a car-boot that I'm hoping to do soon. I find this is a great way to get rid of perfectly good things, earn abit of extra money and have some fun! I love going to car boots, both as a selling and a buyer. It's so much fun and I love the rush of a busy stall.

Some of my goals for the year:

I'm never one for making 'new years resolutions', but there are a few things I want to achieve this year.

1- Increase my savings. I plan to save as much money as I can in the coming months, and have been (trying) doing no spend January! It's been going well, although I have spent a bit of money on stuff I don't need, but no-where near as much as I normally would!

2- Progress with my blog. This year I am hoping to make a lot of progress with my blog. I'm not talking thousands of followers or loads of PR packages through my door, but to even be able to do one gifting post would be progress.

3- My third goal is to start looking at moving out with my boyfriend. We have been talking about it for a while now and have decided, if things stay the same job-wise, this is the year we will do it. We are hoping to find somewhere around October time, so we still have a while left. At the moment we are just looking around and starting to price some things up, as well as save money to buy nice things for the house!

4- Reach my Slimming World target. I hope this year I will lose at least another stone to get back to a healthier weight, and feel a lot better in myself.

I feel like 2018 is going to be my year, the year I become a grown up. I'm going to be 23 in October, which is scary! And after being all over the place the past few years with university and finding grad jobs in the field I want to be in, I haven't had chance to sit back and reflect on what I actually want.

I've decided staying in the retail job I'm currently in isn't settling. So what if I'm not in the field I have my degree in? It doesn't mean I never will be, and I will never give up on my dream job. But what's the rush, honestly? Time doesn't stand still for anyone, and if I don't sit back and enjoy the ride while I'm young, and do what I want to do, I'm going to miss out.

Until next time.