My January skin care routine

So I know I've done a couple of these in the past, but I'm always changing up my skincare and have discovered some new products I absolutely love and seem to be working for me.


In the morning I tend to only use a face wipe to cleanse my face. I find this is all I need, as I do my proper cleanse in the evening so I don't want to over-wash my face and take the natural oils out. At the moment I'm using these wipes with coconut water which make my face feel really soft.

After this I use The Body Shop Tee Tree toner which I'm really liking. It sinks into the skin really well and I think, combined with my next product, has helped clear up my skin and reduce the redness of my acne scars.

The next product I use is The Body Shop Tee Tree anti-imperfection daily solution. I really like this product, and I would say this has really helped clear up my skin.

Before my foundation I'm using The Ordinary moisturiser which again I really like. It isn't greasy and leaves my skin feeling slightly tacky which is perfect for putting my foundation on top, as I find this gives it a nicer finish.


In the evening I start with The Body Shop camomile eye makeup remover which works really well to remove my eye makeup. It doesn't sting at all and smells nice, although I think it smells a bit of bread. Is that just me? I then use the makeup wipes to remove my makeup, and then I use the YesTo tomatoes cleansing water. This is a really nice micellar water, and smells really nice, although I don't really think there's much difference between this and other brands of micellar water.

As with my previous skincare routine, I alternate between the Superdrug glycolic overnight peel and the facial oil mixed with the vitamin E night cream. This combination is still working well for me so I thought why change it?

And that's my current skincare routine for January! Let me know if you use any of these products and what you think, and anything you think I should try!

Until next time.