Boyfriend does my makeup!

I finally got Aaron to do my makeup! It's been a long time coming, but here's the 'my boyfriend does my makeup' post!

First of all, these are the products I gave him to choose from:

- L'Oreal true match foundation
- Essence concealer
- MUA loose powder
- Bourjois bronzer
- Sleek blusher
- Benefit Ka-Brow
- Makeup revolution highlighter palette
- Makeup revolution eyeshadow palette, the naked 3 palette and the NYX wicked dreams palette
- TooFaced better than sex mascara
- Bourjois liquid eyeliner
- 3 lipsticks: Urban Decay Vice lipstick in red, Revolution pinky nude, and Mac's whirl

These are the 'tools' I supplied him with:

The base:

He started by putting the foundation all over his hands and making abit of a mess. He chose the sponge to blend it in, and it didn't actually turn out too bad! There were a couple patchy bits but overall, he did a good job.

He put concealer in small triangles under my eyes - he clearly did his research! And blended it in pretty well with the sponge. He then went to powder my face, and I ended up with a big white circle on my cheek where he put it. Overall the powdering went well, although I ended up looking abit ghostly in places!

He did attempt to contour, and he actually chose the right product and brush, and he even put it in the right place! He did put abit too much on the brush so it came out very dark, but I think he blended it out quite well.

Blusher was fine, he put it where it needed to be, but again he put too much on and I had pink circles on my cheeks like a clown. Highlighter was a disaster. He used the gold shade from the palette which is the one I normally use, however he decided to put it on top of my contour. Like what was the point! So that wasn't ideal.

Overall the base was ok. I wouldn't have gone out like it, but it wasn't horrendous.

Onto eye makeup, and Aaron chose to use the makeup revolution palette. He chose to only use one shade - a light glittery pink - all over the lid, which didn't come out too bad. The eyeliner was terrible! I'm sorry, but it was horrendous. I mean LOOK at it! Bless him, he tried. The mascara wasn't much better, and did end up halfway down my face. Again, he tried, but I think he was finding it difficult and was scared of poking me in the eye. My eyebrows were very patchy and lumpy where he put too much product in, and didn't fill in my whole brow. I think its safe to say my eyes were a mess!

For lips he chose the revolution liquid lipstick which actually didn't turn out too bad.

Overall I don't think he did too badly. The base was fine, apart from the highlight on top of the bronzer, but the eyes were awful. I'd like to thank Aaron for joining in with this, and hopefully I can get him involved with more posts soon!

Until next time.