My April blogging goals.

As it is now April (first of all, how did that happen!?) I thought I would share a little update on my blogging goals! I had a little break from blogging throughout March, but I am back and more motivated than ever!

I've come up with a few goals for my blog which I am determined to reach by the end of the month:

  1. Domain name - I'm in the process of getting my own domain name, which is exciting as I never thought I'd get to this point.
  2. To reach 400 followers on my Instagram page
  3. To reach 1000 followers on my Twitter
  4. To do a colab with another blogger or a brand
  5. To reach 200 followers on Bloglovin
  6. I want to get better at photography and also get more confident and loose in my posy pictures. I'm working on looking more natural rather than the same pose on every picture.
Overall I just want to feel better about my blog and make it as good as I can. I'd really appreciate you all hitting the links and helping me out with my goals.

Until next time.