A look inside my makeup bag - base products

I am a sucker for seeing people's makeup stash! I love seeing what everyone's currently using and what products they always use without fail. I was recently struggling to close my makeup bag, and I suddenly had a thought - why not tip out my everyday makeup bag and see what is actually in there? I literally tipped it out and sorted it into categories, and here is what it contained:

Foundations and concealers:

I currently have 2 foundations in my makeup bag - the rest are in a separate bag - as I'm currently mixing them together. I have the Fenty Beauty matte foundation and the Max Factor healthy skin harmony foundation. I seem to have an abundance of concealers in there at the moment! Goodness knows why, but I seem to have 2 of the Borjois radiance reveal - both in the same colour I mght add - and 3, yes 3, of the Collection lasting perfection concealers!

Powders and highlighters:

There are currently 2 powders in my bag. The first is my MUA loose powder, and the second is the Primark rice powder. I alternate between the 2 depending what I'm doing that day and how matte and powdered I want to look. The only powder highlighter in my bag at the moment is the Goddess of Love heart shaped highlighter which I have recently re-discovered after turfing out my highlighter collection (I have a lot!).

Bronzers and blushers:

I have 3 bronzers in my makeup bag at the moment. I'm using the Borjois chocolate bar bronzer, the Primark bronzing brick and a mini of the Benefit Hoola bronzer. I'm alternating between 3 blushers at the moment and that's why I keep 3 in my makeup bag. The first is the Benefit Galafornia blusher, which is the most intense blusher I own! I only really use this when I'm feeling brave. The others are a bit more subtle, and they are the Kiko blusher and the Benefit Gold Rush blusher both of which I love.

I hope you all enjoyed a sneek peek into my makeup bag. What base products are in yours?

Until next time.