Summer favourites 2018

Summer is here, and I am back with my current favourites! These are all the things I've been loving during this glorious time of year!


I was very kindly sent this Buddah Beauty facial serum, which I have been using non-stop every night. My skin has felt so much softer and brighter since using this, and I feel like it's given my skin such a healthy glow. It's also vegan which is amazing, as I'm currently trying to use up products and swap to cruelty free versions.

Another night-time product that I have been using every other night is the ALPHAH "Liquid Gold". I've really enjoyed using this product recently, and I have seen so much improvement in my skin! It tingles when it goes on, which I always think means it's actually doing something. I wash it off in the morning and my skin just looks so much healthier and brighter.

As with most places in this weather my workplace gets extremely hot and its safe to say my face gets very hot and sweaty. I start looking oily and shiny by lunchtime, so to combat this is thought I'd try The Body Shop's teatree mattifying lotion, and oh my goodness this is a game changer! I am so impressed with this, it seriously helps the oil situation and stops me looking shiny so quickly.


Sun-cream is a must for me in the summer, as I burn so easily! I recommend you all to use sun-cream, even if you don't seem to look physically burnt, as some sun damage isn't actually seen! My favourite at the moment is this Primark one. It's a mist that you just pray on and rub in, which stops the amount of mess and stickiness involved with sun-cream.


My favourite makeup look at the moment has been a natural browny bronze eye look, perfect for summer, with just a nude lip and lots of bronzer and highlighter for a bit of glow. I've been loving using the Primark foundation, as it is matte but not too matte that it makes your face look dry.


For my hair, my favourite products have been the Chocolate range by LeeStafford. I've been using a combination of the shampoo, conditioner, hair butter treatment and the oil spray, and my hair has never smelt and looked so nice. It smells like chocolate, but not that horrible fake chocolate. and It's made my hair look really healthy since I started using it.


So far this summer I have lived and died in jumpsuits. I have found them to be so practical and comfy, an I also think they're quite flattering for my body shape. These are a few of my favourite, and I will be talking in more detail about them in my upcoming look book.

TV, music and youtube:

I have been binge watching - for the thousandth time - The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, both of which I absolutely love.

I feel like music this summer has been so good. I'm currently loving listening to George Ezra, Arianna Grande, Chris Brown, and I am loving Panic! At The Disco's new album!

On YouTube recently I've been watching Kate Murnane (Dollybowbow), Anna Saccone, Sophdoesnails and Emmasrectangle.

That's all my favourites for summer! What are your summer must haves? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time.